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     cat2 Welcome to Evolution Xtreme!
         cat In The Older Scrolls On the internet
         cat I really miss DFG Design
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         cat Clan Manager 1.0.2 ( Free )
         cat Sub Black
         cat HeadShotDomain Back Online
         cat [ CLOSED ] Realm Designz is Officially CLOSED!
         cat Evo-File is [Holding] Again!
         cat The best way to seize a genuine Baseball Shirt
         cat DFG Hosting Review by Bayler!
         cat NEW Theme for Xtreme Site
     cat2 Community Announcements
         cat New Evolution Xtreme site
         cat teamspeak 3
         cat Xtreme 3.0
         cat need help with my Web site
         cat Evo staff looking for some volunteers.
         cat PhpBB2 Compatible plug in for IOS
         cat HTML Newsletter Module Update
         cat My Letter to the Devs
         cat If you don't mind please read this thread...
 cat3 Support - Xtreme V2.0
     cat2 General Support
         cat error creating a section in the forums
         cat Work in php7?
         cat can't change members status
         cat Theme Request for V3
         cat PHP Version Outdated Soon
         cat Themes
         cat Not letting me add download
         cat Flash Theme Changes[FIXED-RESOLVED]
         cat HTTP ERROR 500
         cat Help please
     cat2 Bugs
         cat MySQL 8.
         cat Unable to add download
         cat Not letting me create members accout
         cat would be members cannot register
         cat Cloudflare Issue
         cat Unable to download anything from this site?
         cat Something screwed up... don't you hate that?
         cat General Error
         cat I can not solve the problem with nuke_session (i need help)
         cat Roster Tab on Website
     cat2 Security
         cat Adding SSL To My Site
         cat Sentinel Ip2Country Update 4-13-2018
         cat Question about Nuke Sentinel
         cat Sentinel IP Tracking logs, weird requests from an IP
         cat Adding SSL certificate
         cat Warning: 500 emails have just been sent
         cat Sentinel IP2Country Update
         cat Security update for your website
         cat ICOO tablet pc
         cat Pipo android tablet , Low-priced 7 inch Tablet with RK3066
     cat2 Quick fixes
         cat Email activation
         cat [RESOLVED] Error in receiving Private Messages
         cat ::NEW:: -> User Registration popup mod
         cat nuke_nsnst_ip2country [FIX]
         cat I have a problem with sending news portal
         cat e-mail verification help
         cat Arcade Center Chrome fix
         cat Welcome PM showing from wrong user?
         cat Useirnfo login not working with shoutbox?
         cat Error message
     cat2 Modules
         cat Module Stuck
         cat problem with Member Application Module V 2.1.4
         cat nuke honey pot
         cat donations extreme
         cat youtube videos in posts wont go full screen
         cat Billing/Invoicing Module
         cat Does Anyone Have a Media Player Mod?
         cat babstats nuke evo PHP 5.6
         cat Open module for edit?
         cat Shoutbox white background
     cat2 Forum BBCodes
         cat *SOLVED* Signature that shows background
         cat images
         cat Twitch Live Stream forum bbcode mod
         cat Twitch Live Stream BBCode
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         cat RSS feeds
         cat Refresh a single block
         cat Looking for a different menu option.
         cat Hide hidden members from non-admins in user info block
         cat Error after adding RSS block
         cat Youtube feed player error 2032
         cat Block idea
         cat a little help with the Donation block
         cat Forum Topics Not Displaying In Block
     cat2 Install
         cat Troubles with new install
         cat ERROR 1067 ON INSTALL
         cat Mysql Error[ISSUE RESOLVED]
         cat I just don't even know
         cat Evolution-Xtreme install ;-(
         cat General Site Info won't stay put
         cat stuck on Nuke Evolution (Xtreme) Installer :: Step 3 of 7
         cat Step 3 error
         cat Install on windows
         cat Error mysql
     cat2 Comments and Suggestions
         cat [RESOLVED] Xtreme Site Forums
         cat nuke extreme video player
         cat Thanks Mod
         cat admin mod by technocrat
         cat Add image to post - (
         cat Signiture Width & Height Control
         cat Things I'd Iike to see in 2.0.9e
         cat [POLL][FEATURE] URL rewrites for 2.0.9e
         cat Evo Extreme Auto Mod
         cat Evo info block . . . 'New' notification possible? . . .
     cat2 Multilingual Support
         cat Norwegian Language
         cat French version
         cat dutch lang files
         cat General information for the translate and the language files
     cat2 German
         cat HoneyPot in deutsch - HoneyPot german language file
         cat Deutsche Sprachdatei - german language files
 cat3 General Support
     cat2 Support
         cat [ FIXED] Bugged and/or NOT working
         cat Bugged and/or NOT working
         cat Issue with web site
         cat [RESOLVED] No forum showing after hosts relocate webserver
         cat installing nuke evolution xtreme
         cat Donations Block & PayPal Help Needed
         cat private message
         cat IMAGE ROLLOVER
         cat two of my sites have been hacked
         cat HELP!! God Admin banned!!!!!
     cat2 Blocks
         cat ts3 block
         cat Video Chat
         cat video player with playlist
         cat EVO-CMS 2.1.x blocks For Evolution-Xtreme ?
         cat Help with block
         cat Help with block
         cat Help with TS3 block
         cat Last 5 Registrants scrolling block
         cat Links in Blocks
         cat stats tracker
     cat2 Questions
         cat [PREVIEW] XtremeV3 NEW Design
         cat We need your opinions, please vote. Poll ends on the 30th.
         cat Xtreme themes
         cat Question to anyone where the IP2C was showing wrong location
         cat Question on editing and deleting post?
         cat Question about a new module.
         cat Looking to replace my PHP-Nuke system
         cat arcade question
         cat Looking for arcade games pack
         cat Updating Pay Mods and Themes
 cat3 General
     cat2 Introductions
         cat Also just saying hello
         cat Just sayin hello
         cat Hi
         cat Hello Again :)
         cat Hello all, SgtLegend, Good to see ya around...
         cat New Gfx Site
         cat Hello All
         cat Help needed with site
         cat Hi there
         cat Hello
     cat2 General Chat
         cat Default theme for new release?
         cat Coming Soon
         cat [RELEASED] - Custom Discord block
         cat FYI only! Server Upgrades and Housekeeping !
         cat Themes
         cat You think we should implement 2FA? - PLEASE READ & VOTE
         cat Live Stream, Evo Coding
         cat Team Speak 3, Ventrilo and Mumble
         cat I love the Holidays, I get to do fun stuff like this
         cat Question to our Evo community here.
     cat2 Link up
         cat GfxPodium - Where Gamers Get The Best Designs
         cat Retro war games
         cat a new local project
         cat Megas Portal - Digital by Design
         cat [zonepimps]
         cat osghc
         cat Nuke Bazaar
         cat ViZual DeZinez
         cat Pixel Customs
         cat Bolt Sniper Group
     cat2 Comments and Suggestions
         cat Lang Pt- Portuguese
         cat Exchange User Query ( username ) with ( user_id )
         cat Eliminate empty arrays
         cat Is this just me or Everyone?
         cat logo.gif in cpanel resized
         cat favicon
         cat Slight bug on this site
         cat Thank you SgtLegend and Killigan
         cat Support help
         cat youtube bbcode
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