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Gaming Rigs Retuned

Realm Design & Lonestar Modules Development Team has released the Gaming Rigs Module for Nuke-Evolution & Xtreme.

This Module is a complete remake of the Gaming Rigs Module, Developed by DFG Development Team. Has many more Features then it's Sister module, Also alot more user friendly.

Module is currently only available for Nuke-Evolution-Xtreme v2.0.9x CMS Software, Will be ported to Raven Nuke in the near future.

This is a MUST have module for your gaming web site and is selling for a good price, so purchase your copy today!!

You will find it in the Store, here...

Posted by Lonestar on Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:35 pm (comments? | Score: 3)
Nuke Honeypot V2

HoneyPot V2.1 Antibot module is an integrated antibot system for the Nuke CMS system.

This system works on two primary levels. First level is to protect from what is known. This includes using information from your local DB that the HP builds along with using three different API's out there that log all the known bots by email and IP and allows this system to match the IP and email to the list to see if it there. If they are found to be on the list, it will stop them from registering on your site and it will mark them in the HP as a known bot. 

The second level is protection from the unknown bots out there. This is done by using several strategy to trick the bot into failing. These are proven strategy that bot programs have had the difficulty bypassing. Some bots have been programmed to get around a couple of the checks, but they have n't been able to get by all of them. Overall, if you want the best overall protection for your site, there is nothing out there that is comparable to this script. 


Posted by Lonestar on Sun Nov 09, 2014 3:29 pm (Read More... | 2 comments | Score: 5)
Image Repository Released
I (Lonestar) have released my new Image Repository module.
To download simply visit my downloads section
Be sure to do the updates located in the Zip folder in order to get 100% from this module.
This Module is for use with Nuke Evolution Xtreme & Raven Nuke Only.
If anyone has any trouble installing this module, just let me know, i will get it sorted for you.
Thank You.

Posted by Lonestar on Sun Nov 09, 2014 3:25 pm (comments? | Score: 3)
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